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Brain Injuries

Brain injuries have both a physical and emotional impact on those that sustain them. In many cases they can lead to permanent disability, potentially creating complex health care needs and changing lives forever.

Acquired brain injury is brain damage caused by events after birth. There are two different types:

Traumatic brain injury: the result of an impact to the head. Examples might be a car accident or a fall.

  • Non-traumatic brain injury: which some professionals call ‘atraumatic brain injury’: the result of something like a stroke, meningitis or a brain tumour.

Louise, our registered nurse is key in supporting our brain injury clients. She works alongside the care team. Together they provide dedicated, expert support to the people we care for and their families. Our care team has experience of working with these individuals and understand the challenging behaviour that often results from such an injury.

A brain injury can have far-reaching consequences and affects those closest to the individual who has been injured. We know that this is an incredibly stressful, emotional and challenging time for all the people involved. We are on hand to share our expertise and aid the recovery process. Working closely with each of our clients and their loved ones to provide support, develop strong relationships, and focus on enabling clients to achieve maximum independence and follow their chosen lifestyle.

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