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Whatever your care need, Absolute Healthcare Providers Ltd has developed a range of care solutions that can be tailored and combined to meet your needs.

Pop in visits – the Absolute Pop In service is designed to meet specific needs that do not require a great deal of time. This is a non-timed service and we charge a flat fee for the visit. The Absolute Pop In service is appropriate for a range of circumstances including:

  • To perform a quick check on a client to make sure that they are safe;
  • To check and prompt a client to take their medication;
  • To apply eye-drops for a client;
  • To help a client put on / take off surgical stockings.

Timed Visits – Absolute Timed Visits is a service where a client needs a range of activities undertaken on a regular basis. This can include all aspects of personal care, meal preparation and general household tasks. These visits can be time specific and can vary in length from 30mins to several hours or all day long, depending upon the clients needs.

Night care – Absolute Night Care is to help those clients that need monitoring or may need some assistance overnight.

Live-in care – Absolute Live-In Care is a solution to enable clients to remain in their own homes, when they need a little bit of help throughout their day. Absolute  Live-In Care will enable you to enjoy high quality care without having to move into a Care Home.

Full 24 hour care – Absolute 24 Hour Care is designed for those clients who need a high degree of care on a continuous basis. Whilst a single Live-In carer will need to have rest times throughout the day, the Absolute 24 Hour Care service will be staffed by a team of carers who will be working continuously around the clock. This is typically most appropriate for those clients who rely on life support machines to maintain their airways.

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