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Care Work - Spreading the Love!

Absolute Healthcare Sophie Paperwork


As our population ages, demand for care workers has never been higher, and despite an often bad press, social care is a really rewarding career pathway. Sophie Eagle, who joined Absolute Healthcare having studied for her Health & Social Care Diploma at college, wanted to share how she feels about the work, in the hope of encouraging more young people into the profession.

What attracted you to becoming a care worker?

I think I have always known that I've wanted to help people in some way. When I left college after doing my diploma I wanted to gain useful experiences, and I knew getting straight into work would give me the skills I needed to develop myself and also hopefully give me more of an idea about what I did and didn't enjoy. I also wanted to gain more confidence, so becoming a care worker seemed to be a great opportunity to do so. 

What training have you benefited from at Absolute?

The training we get from our team meetings is most beneficial to me, because our manager usually does a focused session on something in particular, for instance ' skin breakdown'. I enjoy this the most because it gives me a chance to discuss the topic in relation to our clients and our practice. 

What are the most positive aspects of being a carer?

When you know you've made a difference to someone's situation. For example, helping someone who is leaving hospital, making sure everything is in place for them and ensuring they are well looked after. It's a good feeling to know you can help someone and they are really grateful for what you are doing for them. Lots of our clients wouldn't be able to live at home without our help as carers. 

What do you like least about care work - or what are the greatest challenges?

Physically it is more demanding than people think, you are on your feet all day and working under pressure. Also with this sort of job your day can change so easily. You have to be prepared for difficult situations that you may come across and deal with the them the best you can, at Absolute I feel we get a lot of support.

Do you have any long term aspirations to climb the ladder in Health & Social Care?

I have just started my basic level 1 training in counselling, I am studying at home so I can carry on working and my practice can help me with my course I hope. If I enjoy my course I hope to progress to higher levels, but I'm also given the chance to progress at Absolute as well. I now assess clients and am more involved in this process, as well as working in the office when needed. 

What kind of a difference do you think you make to someone's day when you visit them?

I think our team of carers really do make a huge difference to our clients and they are generally very grateful for the care we provide. Some of our clients live alone so we may be the only people they see, so I think it really makes a difference to their lives by having carers to talk to each day. 

Do you think working for a small, local care provider has any benefits over working for a large franchise?

Yes, I feel like the team is more tight knit, every carer generally has met and worked with one another. I also think it's easier to approach management with any queries or issues when you have a smaller team. Often with large companies you don't feel you are in a position to go into the office, but because our manager Louise is hands on and delivers the care herself as well, it makes it easier to discuss things with her because she understands where you are coming from. I don't think you would have that sort of relationship in a larger company. 

What words of encouragement would you use for someone considering a career in care?

I would say go for it! It’s very rewarding and it's a very sociable job too! Don't worry if you haven't had much experience either because you get to shadow carers until you are confident enough to deliver the care on your own. If you want to help and support people, then I think you should try it. There are so many different aspects of care to. I think it's easy to assume you only care for elderly people. My job involves a whole range of age groups, different lengths of visits, and caring for people with different needs, there is so much variation and you continue to learn as you go along, I’m sure I will be in this line of work for a very long time! 

Is there a client that you've met in your time as a carer, who will always stick with you?

You meet lots of different characters and are always meeting new people! One client I particular I see maybe once or twice a month, just for two hours a day so her husband can have respite, as he cares for her. It's always an interesting visit, you get to listen to her stories and I think she enjoys having the company and someone to talk to! Sometimes we go out, or I will paint her nails, often she asks me for advice with working her phone and I help her to understand it a bit better! It’s an enjoyable visit and she is always so pleased to see you.

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