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An Absolute University Challenge

 My name is Emma Purcell, 22, from Holybourne in Alton. I became a client of Absolute Healthcare in September 2014 just as I was about to begin my second year of university. I studied a degree in journalism at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham and recently graduated in June 2016 with a 2:1.

I have quadriplegic cerebral palsy, use an electric wheelchair and am registered visually impaired. I need assistance with all aspects of care from personal care, transport and accessing the community.

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What effect will the EU Referendum have on the Health & Social Care sector ?

With only a few days left until the UK referendum on whether to Remain within or Leave the EU, as a local health care provider the question we are asking ourselves is what effect will this have on our clients, and similar clients across the country.

We support people who live in their own homes and we are part of the necessary infrastructure that reduces the burden on hospitals by helping our clients to remain as independent as possible. Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds and these include the EU.

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Hidden Army of Carers over 80...

Over the past 7 years the number of carers aged 80 and over has rocketed from 301,000 to 417,000, an increase of nearly 39%. Now 1 in 7 people aged 80 and over provide some form of care to family or friends according to Age UK.

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Live-In care may overtake care homes

Care homes across the country face a cash crisis, and they are about to find out whether the pressure on them is going to ease. Many believe with an increase in demand, due to an ageing population, that the pressure will switch to domiciliary and Live-In care providers...

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